Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


If sintheta_1-sintheta_2=a a...

If `sintheta_1-sintheta_2=a a n d costheta_1+costheta_2=b ,` then (a)`a^2+b^2geq4` (b) `a^2+b^2lt=4` (c)`a^2+b^2geq3` (d) `a^2+b^2lt=2`


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in this question we are given that sin theta by 1 minus sin theta 2 is equals to and Cos theta 1 + cos theta 2 is equal then we have to find the value of a square + b square sin theta by 1 minus cos theta + cos theta calculate square minus sin square A + cos theta + cos theta to square A minus b whole square is equal to

science square theta 1 + sin square theta to minus 2 into sin theta 1 + this will be cos square theta 1 this is a + b whole square to this will equal to a square + b square + 2 a 2 cos theta 1 into cos theta to now Vinod + cos square theta + cos square will be and this

this cos square theta to will be one and from this and from this and then I will left with cos theta 1 into cost that this is cost cost Y minus 2 into this will be cos theta 1 + theta

we have to find that we are given options like we have to find the range of a square + b square right that is less than or equal to or greater than or equal to relation theta lies between 1 and I am 2 cos theta + 2 equal to 2 then added to this will become cos theta 1 + theta to less than equal to 2 + 2

now this is my a square + b square write this is a square + b square we have got this value 2 + 2 cos theta tan theta to this will be this is my age now let's check out the option a square + b square is the right option thank you