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Class 12






Inverse Trigonometric Function


If sin(cos^(-1)(5/13)+sin^(-1)...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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so here we have a question we can see so sign brackets Cos inverse 5/13 + Sin inverse X is equal to one right and what we have to find out we have to find out the value of x from here right so what will do in this part languages start with equation so that is sign I will write this equation sin cos inverse 5 over 13 + Sin inverse of X is equals to 1 right so I am going to take this sign to the side to right hand side I am going to transfer sign to right hand side so what do I get Cos inverse 513 brackets + Sin inverse of X this is gonna be

here so it will become Sin inverse of 1 right and we know one thing was that the value of sin pi by 2 sin pi by 2 is equal to one so I can put down the value of one that sin pi by 2 here right so what it will become now Cos inverse of 5 by 13 + Sin inverse of X that is equals to that is equals to Sin inverse of sin pi by 2 sin pi by 2 right I have replaced 1 by sin pi by 2 got it now what I have it would have to do this sign on this and got cancelled out write their finances and got cancelled out and we are left with bye-bye to our right ok so I can write here Cos inverse Cos inverse 5 over 13

can be written as 5 minus 5 by to write heavier 5 by 2 minus Sin inverse X right ok now I have to move forward ok so this we are going to take one the first equation we gonna take right ok so there is a formula right there is a formula of the formula is Sin inverse of X + Cos inverse of X that is gonna be 5 over to write that's gonna be forever to go from here I can take out the value of Cos inverse X so what's the value of Cos inverse X will get Cos inverse X is gonna be by over to that's 90 - Sin inverse of X right right so here you can see that by over to that is minus Sin inverse

X right and that is equals to cos x so I can compare both of the functions so what we have to compare now ok so by this we have to write Cos inverse 5 over 13 that is equals to Cos inverse of X rite cost 513 can be written as here and Cos inverse X right we have to compare it right now you can see our hope everything is same cause and Cos A sin cos inverse and Cos inverse is same for the value of x is become 5 over 13 right so this will be the value of x right you can see our okey thank you so much


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