Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


If sin2theta=cos3theta"and"...

If `sin2theta=cos3theta"and"theta` is an acute angle, then `sintheta` equal (a)`(sqrt(5)-1)/4` (b) `-((sqrt(5)-1)/4)` (c)`(sqrt(5)+1)/4` (d) `(-sqrt(5)-1)/4`


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problem kya kuch problem poochha sin 2 theta is equals to cos 2 theta and if theta is an acute angle find sin theta To Mai Kya Karunga Mujhe is equals to sin 2 theta is equals to cos of 3 theta sin of nuclei sign of 2 theta value by cos cos sin pi by 2 minus theta that is by 2 minus 3 theta sin angle cm3 to L should be close to treat acute angle the over simple fibre to -333 tiler Chashma jachta u Jaega l the seat of 5 theta is equal to 5 by 2 Re Taki Re Taki Re bhai bye-bye 10 that is 18 degree

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