If `sin2A=lambdasin2B ,` then write the value of `(lambda+1)/(lambda-1)` .

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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so here we have been given this end we have to find the value of Lambda + 1 / name the -1 so from here taking sin2b to the left side we get Lambda is equals to sin 2A by sin to be ok so this is a Lambda substituting name into this expression we get soul Lambda + 1 divided by minus one will be sin2a by sin 2 + 1 whole divided by sin 2A by sin2b -1 ok which is equals to taking LCM of this we will get and after taking LCM sin2b gets cancelled out so

we get sin 2A + sin to be whole divided by sin a minus sin to be ok also you know that Sin A + sin b is equals to 2 Sin A + B by 2 into Cos A minus B by 2 ok and also you know that sign am I Sin A minus sin b is equal to Cos A + B by 2 into Sin A minus b Tu so so this is applied to

numerator and this is we will apply to denominator supplying this formula we will get to into so if I take two common from these both angles so to get cancelled out and we get sin 2 Sin A + B ok sorry Cos A into cos into a minus b similarly will be getting to into Cos A + B into time a minus b as you know that sin theta upon cos theta is 10 theta so this comes out to be Sin A + B by Cos A + B will be a + b and Cos

10 cos theta by sin theta is cos theta ok so Cos A minus b minus Sin A minus b will be cot a minus b ok and here to gets cancelled out so this is are required answer

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