If Sigma_(r=1)^(n)t_(r)=(1)/(6)n(n+1)(n+2), AA n ge 1, then the value of lim_(nrarroo)Sigma_(r=1)^(n)(1)/(t_(r)) is equal to



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Updated On: 8-6-2021

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23`(3)/(2)` 6

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59this question is that it's submission of our starting from 1 to n t h atom is given it is equal to 1 upon 6 and oneplus 7 and oneplus 2 for all and is greater than equal to 1 OK then we are to find the value of limit n tends to infinity submission of our from 12 and when a v e r value and it is equal to given to us in the questions were able to Fir Subah you write the equation air it is given that we are information from my Quest to 12 and ok generativists TR and it is given sequence 1 of 16 and and + 1 and plus 2 high ok so what does it indicate this whole value t r submission from are 12 and OK what does it indicate submission means I'm so what is the expression that is used to say this is the sum to n terms ok it will be gained by submission t r starting from 1 to N A what does it mean it
01:00 - 01:59oneplus T2 plus T3 and last one will be TN location to TN ok at a water finance and management it will be it will be starting from 1 and ending 2 and -1 not an here ok chhutti oneplus 3 to Italy and ok + 32 + 33 and so on it will go up to 3 and -1 ok so what will you differentiate as of at -10 of and -1 it will be equal to last only piano ke we are well having value of SN ok Asin will be given by this time in ok Nau I will find the value of x minus 1 and -1 Ho Gaya then we can find the value of DNA OK so how will find the attachment soon as and -1 it will be given by submission of starting from one end and will be and Measurement so basically what will find here will find the one + 32 + 33 ok and so on to tea and mein
02:00 - 02:59ok and in general if I write this will be one upon 6 the equation that is given so first we are having here and you can see and now but we are considering and management will write a will replace all the end with animation and -1 ok so here Italy and minus 1 + 1 and here we lead and minus 1 + 2 ok so here on for the syndication will get 11.6 and management I will get an end here and + 1 ok this will be the equation now put the values are this is value of x and -1 ok and then we are having indication so we'll put the values a let's was for the value of Asin Asin was what this equation that is given to syndication Santu and numbers ok to take LCM 6 Idli and and + 1 and and close to that was equation here you can see an angular 7 and + 2 whole by 6 ok SSLC man what is LCM now
03:00 - 03:59what is the value it will be minor and and -1 and n + 1 this is the value that we are considered ok and this whole will be equal to TN ok because we know that s n -1 -1 will be Kuchh bataiye ok so that's all this weather here take an end and plus one common here so what is left and + 2 and will get - and + 1 and this whole will be divided by 6 it and so from here value of tea and it will be equals to how will get in and + 1 ok I wanna hear this will be Plus and minus and cancel 2 + 3 / 2 / 60 will get to any denominator is evaluated Sona look what we have to find where to find the value of this equation a let me that the se ok so this is a question that who is evaluated to find
04:00 - 04:59Vigyan by limit n tends to infinity hair submission Our Stars from 12.1 ok and what about trtr value we are having and and + 1 and 10 to will come in the numerator Hetu is a constant so we can take it ok to not let supplier limit here so I will write submission or equal to 1 OK I will go to infinity ok and here after taking out to what we have you are even one upon and X and + 1 ok so this can be written as one upon our ok because we have control value or No 1 minus one upon our plus one ok and now this can be for the written as to whether we are in submission ok so and Y value of H starting from one ok support the values if we put value 1 year ok on putting value when will get one minus 1 upon 1 + on that will to ok now some ismein plus ok plus not put the other
05:00 - 05:59what will be the value I will be to now so one upon 2 minus 1 upon 3 OK then similarly if I put three years Italy + 1 upon 3 minus 1 upon 4 ok and it will go to infinity so if I'll put value here and it will be last value plus hair vrms won't last value will be one upon x minus 1 upon 1 + 1 Sasural last value ok now you can see a this -8 will be cancer + up then minus 1 by 3 + 1 by 3 minus 1 by 4 then we are a + 1 by 4 and a similar way this one and will be also concerned with the pravachan ok so what is the value that will be left ear we will be left with head to the first time that is one minus one upon and + 1 ok this will be the only time that will be left so it will take calcium to take calcium and + 1 venation schedule III and upon and plus one that will be valued ok installing this ok this was the solving part now look here we were having limit n tends to infinity
06:00 - 06:59so after solving this will get here to Limit n tends to infinity here ok and we have installed this expression Year ok this was solving part of the expression of KVS all the situation so we got the value and upon and + 1 year ok so if we apply age limit their schedule your to let macha do you option here to this option 1 year thank you

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