If sec αandα are the roots of x2px+q=0, then (a) p2=q(q2) (b) p2=q(q+2) (c)p2q2=2q (d) none of these


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in this question we are given that Sach alpha and Alpha equation X square - 3 x + 3 = 0 then we have to find that which one option is correct for this so let's start with the given equation which is x square - 3 + Q is equals to zero are given that that alpha and Alpha the two routes and know that some of is minus y minus and product of roots is bye-bye one now
from here to calculate square square b square will be alpha + sec Alpha whole square it will become Alpha square plus b squared plus two Alpha Alpha and q square will be square square now we will check our option one by one in option one we are given that p square is equal to 2 so we will check it a square cube into cube minus 2 into 2 cube minus 2 x square - which will
equals to Alpha square square alpha to Alpha Alpha which we can see that which is not equal to Alpha square + b square alpha plus two Alpha Tak Alpha now check for second option square into so square into Cube + will be + which will be Alpha square square and -2 alpha plus two Alpha fact
that is not equals to Alpha square square + 2 alpha set Alpha square which is the now we will check the third option right in 3rd 3rd one square square is to calculate square square was alpha square + x square alpha plus two Alpha Alpha
Alpha square + x square alpha plus two Alpha set up and square square square alpha that it will raise to power 4 square alpha + Alpha secretary power 4 alpha plus two Alpha Q flag which we can see that is not to set it correct that we are left the one with the correct option

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