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Comparing Quantities


If Rs 250 is to be divided amo...

If `Rs` `250` is to be divided amongst Ravi, Raju and Roy, so that Ravi gets two parts, Raju three parts and Roy five parts. How much money will each get? What will it be in percentages?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Let the money Ravi gets in rupees ` = 2x`<br> Then, the money Raju gets in rupees ` = 3x`<br> The money Roy gets in rupees ` = 5x`<br> So, `2x+3x+5x = 250`<br> `10x = 250`<br> `x = 25`<br> So, Ravi`'`s part ` = 2**25 = 50` Rs<br> Raju`'`s part ` = 3**25 = 75` Rs<br> Roy`'`s part ` = 5**25 = 125` Rs<br> Ravi`'`s part in percentage ` = 50/250**100 = 20%`<br> Raju`'`s part in percentage ` = 75/250**100 = 30%`<br> Roy`'`s part in percentage ` = 125/250**100 = 50%`<br>


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the given questions she is that if rupees 250 is to be divided amongst Ravi Raju and Roy so that Ravi gets two parts service getting two parts Raju is getting 3 parts and Roy is getting 5 parts how much money will each get the question is how much money will each get and what will be wallet but will it be in percentages Sofa Sofa latest write down in terms of ratio how much Raviraj and boy are getting so the amount at Ravi Raju and Roya getting is in the ratio because Ravi is getting two parts so to ratio Raju is getting three parts 3 ratio RO is getting 5 parts so this is the this is the how they are getting

the money distributed among them now we can assume that let the amount that Ravi get b2x Raju receives xxx Android receives 5 x then no we know the total amount was rupees 250 and this is the distribution so the some of these these amounts that each individual is getting should be equal to the total amount so 2 X + 3 X + 5 x should be equal to the total amount that is 250 change it will get 5 x + 3 X + 2 X that is 10 x is equals to 250

distance will go to the right hand side of the equation and will get turn into division so we will have won by 10 x 250 which will give us X is equals to 25 now we have the value of x and we can find the amount that each one of the three is getting Ranveer getting to the amount that Ravi is getting is Ravi getting the amount is 2x so putting in the value of x will get to X 25 is equal to rupees 50 Raju is getting 3x Raju is getting putting in the value of x we will get Raju is equal to 3 x axis 25 so Raju is getting rupees 7500 is getting 5x so row is getting 5 x x is 25 so we will get the amount that is getting that is 125

now we are supposed to find out the percentage is so to find out the percentage letters divide the amount so the percentage will be equal to we will divide the individual share individual share divided by total amount x hundred so to find out the percentage of money that Ravi receives we will find ravis percentage is equals to Ravish share that is safety total amount that is 250 x 100 this will give us 105 because this will get divided by 5 which will give us the percentage

as 20% now similarly we are going to find out the percentage of other other students or other persons Raju Raju percentage will be reduced percentage will be Raju's share Raju share 75 total amount X hundred so this will get if I will get / 25 by 3 and we will get the percentage as 30% now finding the Percentage share of Roy Rohit percentages Rohit percentage is equal to Roy's share Roj share is 125 service shared / total amount X hundred

Sattu 50 divided by 125 will give us to which will be equal to 102 which will be further simplified to 50% so this is the percentage Roy natural thank you

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