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Class 12






Theory Of Equations


If roots of equation x^3-2c x+...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Roots pf eqution `x^(2) - 2cx + ab = 0` are real and unequal <br> `therefore D_(1) gt 0` <br> `therefore 4c^(2) - 4ab gt 0` <br> or `c^(2) - ab gt 0` (1) <br> For equation `x^(2) - 2 (a + b) x + (a^(2) + b^(2) + 2c^(2))=0` <br> `D_(2) = 4 (a + b)^(2) - 4 (a^(2) + b^(2) + 2c^(2))` <br> = `- 8 ((c^(2) - ab) lt 0 (from (1))` <br> Therefoue , roots are imaginary.


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so here we have a question if the root of the equation X cube minus 2 X this is a square here at square - 2 X + a week 10 are real and an equal then prove that the root of x square minus 2 into 1 + X + a square + b square + 2 square equal to zero will be imaginary roots as we know if function greater than zero will have roots equal and unequal rights that mean in first equation we have to verify that Aadi is greater than 0 in 2nd one day will be less than zero then we have roots are imaginary Sewing first one let's check for first one that is D will be square - 4ac b square is equal to 2 x square - 4 ab greater than zero that comes

c square c square minus greater than zero so this is the first condition right now in s d to now in second we will check due to hair in second equation this is a condition we will check if key to de to is minus a + b whole square B square minus 4 into a square + b square + 2 square side so we will check it that will come for a square B square + 2 AV - 4 into a square b square plus two c square this will come a square

b square 8 ab minus A square b square and Square write this tremendous terminal cancer love this term and will cancel out this comes at a b minus C square side as we know that is a b minus C square this term will come we will write it as a minus b square minus ab as we know that this Chi square minus ab is positive I am writing here that this term is positive but we have negative so this oltum this I am writing here that this

whole term will be negative so that mean my ID to my De to is negative for that mean the roots are will be imaginary thank you


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