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Jee Mains


If {.} represents fractional p...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone so here we have a question passage represent the fractional part of the function and special part of X + fashion part of minus is equal to X square + X - 64 options we have to check which option is or are correct sofa table Limited you that a Bihar fractional part of egg and if my 1.76 lakh propose out of 1 points will be nothing but 0.76 basically just have to take this non integral part of the value of personal part of AC and let me tell you one thing more that my fractional part of X is less than always was the one and it should be ok so this should be the condition with the definition of the national park and also I would like to tell you that if we have fractional part of minus x then it is nothing

one part of this out suppose that acts as -2.4 8th sum a fractional part of minus of 2.48 will give me one minus fractional part of 2.48 ok and it will be 1 - 2.48 fashion party 0.48 and then we subtract this thing I will get 20.5 to the fractional part of fractional part of minus of 2.8 and I told you that any part of it should be less than 10 lesson 1 question it is given as part of X + part of minus x = 2 X square + X - 6 ok so we have two cases

one is nothing but if we have x as integer so long to integer and the second case is obviously at is not integer to type of numbers Bihar integers and non integer number is integer to will be if we have sectional cut off 2018 question part of to as 2.0 and it should be a part of integer as always ok so here it will also be 0 = 2 X square + X - 6 from here I can say that X + 3 and x minus 2 is the factor of this equation quadratic equation = 20 from where we can see that X is equals to minus 3 and X = 2 + 2 root for the case1

Mukesh to is nothing but does not belong to integer ok does not belong in this case we have some value like before it is not integer that's why we have some value like 20.5 I am going to write my fractional part of a plus b minus of national bird sorry plus minus of Extension Part I already told you that I can write this like this and here as it is not a distinct this will cancel orders cancelled ok = 2 X square + X - 6 from where I can see that X square + X - 7 = 2 near by quadratic formula I can find the value for a minus b plus minus under root b square minus x minus

- 1 + under root 1 minus minus b + 2929 over 2 and minus 1 minus under root 29 over to where we can see that these values are not integrate these values are not integer that said the option to our first option integral root are - 2 and 3 - 3 and 2 and questions at that it is -20 it is wrong number of non integral roots are to so number of non integral roots are to you can see this option is number of the solution is to integrate root and we have to

that's why we have four solutions and this option is also great now the last option equation has exactly two internal Road yes we have only two integral roots that is -3.2 is also a strong and B C D are correct thank you

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