Class 12






Continuity And Differentiability


If R=([1+((dy)/(dx))^2]^(3//2)...

If `R=([1+((dy)/(dx))^2]^(3//2))/((d^2y)/(dx2))` , then`R^(2//3)` can be put in the form of `1/(((d^2y)/(dx^2))^(2//3))+1/(((d^2x)/(dy^2))^(2//3))` b. `1/(((d^2y)/(dx^2))^(2//3))-1/(((d^2x)/(dy^2))^(2//3))` c. `2/(((d^2y)/(dx^2))^(2//3))+2/(((d^2x)/(dy^2))^(2//3))` d. `1/(((d^2y)/(dx^2))^(2//3))dot1/(((d^2x)/(dy^2))^(2//3))`


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if R is equal to 1 + 3 upon 2 x ki power 2 ki whole power 3 by 2 upon De to buy upon DX to then we have to find the value of R 23 To Hamen ki power 2 by 3 ka form batana uski value kiske call Hai To Agar option Mein Dekhe to yah kis for Mein Hi De to Ek to ponder why do mein aur divide 2dx to give for me to sabse pahle dis 2.2 nikaalne ke liye Hamen Pata hona chahiye DX upon dawai ki value kya hai Sabse pahle ham log Diye se ponder why ki value kya value is ham log likh sakte hain one upon upon DX cake wale baraf Ke Pani Ho Gaya aur yahan se Agar double differentiate Karenge with respect to Y to kya ho jaega dis 2.2 is equal to smiley functions of differentiation of the with respect to Y to go there one upon

DY DY upon DX Agar Yahan per DX a x l se koi bhi vah donon to cancel ho to Jaenge Yahan per multiply divide Karenge Taki wali Tum Thodi simplify vada to yahan se pahle Kya Hogi one upon DX DY appoint into DX upon DY yadi s a x isliye kya Kyunki Hamen Pata Hai DX upon TV ki value kya hai yahan per value put karne ke liye aur DSK respect Mein ka differentiation karne ke liye to DSK respect mein agar pahle Tum kar differentiation Karenge to yah kis form mein hai agar inke respect Mein Dam ka differentiation Karenge to yah one upon and ki form Mein kiski power kng power -1 Agar ham log DY by DX code current iski differentiation Kya Hogi -1 and ki power minus 1 minus 12 value kya Jayegi minus one upon and keep our my

to your enquiry DY by DX Kyunki Ham Logon Ne aape assume kiya tha and is equal to divide upon DX yahan se pahle kya Jacky minus one upon a point x ka whole square Yahan per ballywood Karenge kya ho jaega minus one upon Deewanapan ka whole square x ka differentiation ho jaega FIR with respect to check karna excuse respect is Walekum ka differentiation Kya Hoga Agar sirf DY by DX ka FIR differentiation Karenge with respect to kya hoga d2y upon DX 2 Kyunki ismein extra Main To isliye iska exam bhi Kyunki Agar ham log Dekhe to X square + c ka whole square ki form Mein Hota Hai Koi Bhi Tum To Ham log kya kehte sabse pahle Agar iska differentiation Karte to 2 into 2 X square + 32 - 1 aur FIR andar

wali Tum Kabhi differentiation cut into four to Vahi Yahan per bhi yah to pure Dam ka differentiation Ho Gaya FIR yah wali Tum Kabhi alag se differentiation Hoga with respect to Xperia kya ho jaega L Y upon DX to aur into DX upon dy10 operator Mein lagayenge To value kya Jayegi minus one upon the keyhole power 3 into de2bi upon DX 2 theek hai aur yah kis cake wala hai b2x upon De Y2K theek hai FIR Yahan Sagar log Dekhen to Divya point keep our whole Kyunki value kya Jayegi Agar sorry Tumko writer Le Jaaye aur isse pahle Tumko lagta hai 12:00 kya ki minus 2 Y upon DX to hold upon 2 X upon divide two values ki Ko Le Jayegi

yahan se dawaeya Pontiac ki value kya Aaegi minus 2 Y upon DX to Ho Le Pondy to X upon dy2 ki power 1 upon 3 aur Hamen kya fayde Hote karna aur hamare pass DY by DX is value of a Gai aur R ki value kya given Hai oneplus DY by DX ka whole square ki power 3 by 2 Ham Log Yahan per aaj ki power 2 by 3 calculate karen to yahan se aaj ki power 2 b ki value kya Aaegi Aaegi oneplus ki whole power 2 ki power 3 by 2 upon De to Y upon DX to power kya ho jayegi

2 by 3 equal yahan se hamare pass Tumse a Jaenge ji Walekum to 3632 se to cancel Ho To Ho Jaega to hamare pass Wale Ki Aaegi oneplus 3T whole power to de to wipe on dx2 keyhole power 2 upon 3 Sonu Mere Tan Mein Ham Logon kya value nikaliye Yahan per yah Hamari value are ki power 2 by 3 equal Ho Gai Tanu greater Mein Mujhko kya Mila nikaliye oneplus Divya point dxc power to Yahan per DY by DX key value Pata Hai Hamen To Agar ham log squire kar de do decide to kya ki badi X ka whole square is equal to minus 2 upon

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