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Class 12






Inequalities Involving Means


If positive quantities a,b,c a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`b gt (a+c)/(2)``(1)/(a-b)-(1)/(b-c) gt 0``ac gt b^(2)`none of these

Answer : D
Solution : `(d)` `b` is `H.M.` of `a` and `c` <br> `b lt (a+c)/(2)` <br> and `b lt sqrt(ac)` <br> `impliesb^(2) lt ac` <br> `impliesb-a lt c-b` <br> `impliesa-b gt b-c` <br> `implies(1)/(a-b)-(1)/(b-c) lt 0`

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elephant hair Begana question if positive qualities a b c are in AP then which of the following is not true and and this photo of sensible students in the question the three point account is a b and c and and and and it is mentioned that these are in HP a b c are in Orbit HP so we can say if and or in HP that's means the action of these two commits this at same for every item for this can go to the gym or we can see the hm is equals to B is equals to 2 AC Upon A plus hm 442 number so and we know and and here are the three numbers are possible so we can use one inequality in the sequence and series

hm is less than GM is the solution will be no in the sequence and series between am GM and hm so to every right to be right what is the hm for these three numbers these two number is 8 if we can meet GM for gym for these two number what is the importance to number route AC and Window for this two number is a + A + B by 2 this is the air so everything so empty text MP3 this what is this be a less than route AC so if you simplify this what we get the square is less than 10 wickets according to the spot in the so so we are getting this this this option is right but

the question is that which is not true So so this is the correct answer so I'm btech btech this if we take this inequality FB take this inequality in the in so what we get a b is less than a + Y2 but in the option we can see that here is mention b is greater than a place where to source of according to but in the question is what is not true so this is not true So according to so according to this option is correct weight for answer Shoaib Shoaib proceed forward fb fb simplify this weekend to be is less than a + b + c if we simplify this we can write B minus C is less than a minus a minus b to check if we take everything reciprocal for that we get one upon

B minus C is greater than we know that if we take reciprocal of an equal to the equity become change 1 upon 3 minus 3 is greater than 1 upon 1 minus b we are getting this so after this so what we are getting him we are getting one upon B minus C is greater than one upon a minus b from here fb fb fb simplify this we get 1.0 is less than greater than one upon a minus b minus one upon B minus C according to this according to NBC hear this this this difference is less than zero but there is differences mention as possible so that mean the cause and effect not true for this is the correct so Accord so are final and theories option and option B

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