If p,q are real pq, then show that the roots of the equation (pq)x2+5(p+q)x2(pq)=0 are real and unequal.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

as,(p+q)2 and (pq)2 are perfect squares and their values will always be greater than 0.
As pq
so, Discriminant >0
Hence, roots of the equation will be real an unequal.


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the question given this if P Q R and P is not equal to Q then show that the roots of the equation P - 2 X square + 5 into P + q x minus 2 into P - 2 = 20 aarialife unequal the equation given a b minus q x square + 5 into P + q x minus 2 into 1 minus Q = 20 I will come this comment find kar do mein kya Milega 5 and 2 p + Q ka whole square minus into minus Q into minus 2 into P minus Q we cannot Jaega 25 P + Q square + 8 in topi minus 2 whole square PO Jagah ab yah to use per hai matlab positive values to do positive pahle Mil Gaya Hamesha greater than zero Hoga they put your is greater than zero
greater than equal to zero the be greater than zero and b is not equal to Q the oven the MCA degree 1002 greater in Sirohi is where we can see that roots are real and unequal improve karna tha Sohail fruit Hamara solution

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