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If P is the length of perpendi...

If P is the length of perpendicluar drawn from the origin to any normal to the ellipse x^(2)/25+y^(2)/16=1, then the maximum value of p is



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Updated On: 4-6-2021

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Answer :



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone question if P is the length of perpendicular drawn from the origin to any normal given by X square + Y square + 16 equal to 1 then the maximum value of pf5 action before options to an option to check what is the option is correct so I'm going to write my given equation which is x square 25 + Y square equals to 1 from here by comparing the general equation we know the general equation and writing here so general equation of ellipse is given by x square y square + Y square b square equal to one that on comparing
01:00 - 01:59Kaise that a square is equals to 25 from here I will be plus minus 5 right and 20 16 so maybe we'll be plus minus 4 OK I will use these values for the show the parametric form of equation of normal of angle to write parametric form of the normal of any live show the parametric form as we all know that parameter form is a set metre equals to a square minus b square now
02:00 - 02:59the values I got important here it will be 5 x minus cosec theta equals to 25 - 16 I am going to solve a little so it will be 5 theta minus cos theta equals to 9 the distance of normal so amazing to see the distance of normal origin so it is origin now as your the formula for distance of normal to any point is given by people to so that
03:00 - 03:59I will not come in negative equation of normal at that point at this point in this case it will just simply put the value of x and y from here origin and theta minus 9 this will come here upon under root the square of the coefficient of x to X Coefficient is 5 Sector 58 of by cos theta = 29 over under the roof top
04:00 - 04:5925 sec theta + 3 cos square theta is equal number 89 understand that this maximum we should minimise the denominator mission minimise this ok if you minimise their this will maximize ok so I am going to let C be differentiate and if it is 25 square theta + cos square theta equals to and put it in front of zero because we have to find out the critical point ok now
05:00 - 05:5925 to sec theta integration of sec theta sec theta tan theta + 3 will come here to Chita Chita definition is minus cos theta cot theta ok now it is equal to zero take into common take into common and we left with 25 sec square theta nasty and writing 10 theta sin theta cos theta minus minus will come out and hear it will be 16 sec square theta + cot theta cos theta over 20 now I'm taking this too
06:00 - 06:59inside so I will get 025 stack as one hour or so it will be square and this caused it will cost you and I'm putting this thing -16 cos square theta cos theta sin theta over left right inside cricket 16 theatre as one of the top so it will be costly Tower ok sin 4 theta equal to 16 cos 4 theta now sin square theta equals to 4 cos square theta now we all know that my cos square theta
07:00 - 07:59is nothing but limited 1 minus sin square theta sin square theta = 24 am going to calculate the value of and it will be ok if we have the value of sin square theta value of cos square theta from here I'm putting this value over here so I will add 5 theta equals to 4 cos theta by solving this for so it will be 5 reading cos square theta as I got this value and I am going to use my question is one which was there
08:00 - 08:59925 Express theatre 16 context this equation 129 over under root of 25 sec square theta + 3 cos square theta value of first time sexual over under the root of 25 x 1 hour metre and metre into simply put the value it will be under the root of 25 x 95 + 16 time 94 from here it will be
09:00 - 09:59will be equal to under root of this 545 + statistics advocate = 29 over under the root of 81 and under root 18 19 get my prequel to the maximum value the team at one end this is our way of saying ok

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