If P = { letters of MUMBAI } and Q = { letters of CHENNAI } , then represent the following sets by Venn diagrams .
(i) P (ii)Q (iii) PQ (iv) PQ


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hello everyone the question is it represents an element letters of water Mumbai and has elements letter of represent the following states by wind diagrams Union element methods of Mumbai so it will be in you there not need to write it again be insecure has element Chennai C A in any return so we do not need to write it again I
now we need to find P Union and intersection b union agent both pnq show from right element of that will be you be a and I Kyon element element of you and I have been already it will not need to write it again now intersection cube event which are common in and I both selfie and set it will be a and I
now if you get that these represent selfie this circle represents a few common area represent a intersection b represents the element that is new in be and why we are writing a and I hear call represent intersection q&q has ended and this article we present a p
and I can say that the whole area including intersection point will represent sexy and this whole area including intersection point a and I will represent this area represent and thank you

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