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If overset(x)underset(e )int t...

If overset(x)underset(e )int t f(t)dt=sin x-x cos x-(x^(2))/(2) for all x in R-{0}, then the value of f((pi)/(6)) will be equal to



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Updated On: 13-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Halloween so the question is if integral from e2x TFT DT is equal to sin x minus x cos x minus x square by two for all X belonging to are - 0.08 not in this domain that and the value of A4 A5 A6 will be equal to and four options are given to us and we have to find which is the correct option so latest 8 so it is given that integral from e2x ft it is equal to sin x minus x cos x minus x square by two ok sunao latest differentiate both sides ok so after differentiating this integration sin will be removed and we will be left with this will be x
01:00 - 01:59f x is equal to differentiation of sin x cos x minus not using product rule festival differentiate x cos x as it is then differentiating cosx then exited so this will be cos x + differentiation of cos x sin x so that will be minus sin x into x minus differentiation of x viral b2x by to get suggest to end this too will be cancelled so we will get ex of f x is equal to cos x minus cos x + x sin x minus x ok so causes and cortex will be cancelled and we will be left with excess of FX
02:00 - 02:59is equal to x sin x minus 6 ok so this will be x of f x is equal to X common this will be sin x minus 1 so XNX will be cancelled so f of X will be equal to sin x minus 1 ok so now we have to find the value of a 4 pi by 6 is equal to sin pi by 6 - 1 so this will be equal to 1 by 2 minus one which is equal to minus one by two so the value of f 56 is equal to minus 1 by 2 Slater check which is the correct option so the correct option is option number 3 minus 1 by 2 thank you

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