If one root of the equation a x^2+b x+c=0 is three times the other, then b^2: a c= <br> (a)3\ :1 (b) 3\ : 16 (c) 16\ :3 (d) 16\ :1



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Updated On: 2-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Mannat of the equation X square + bx + c = 0 is three times the other than we request to a sequel to the given equation is X square + bx + c = 20 let one root of the equation is alpha now if one root is alpha then under root is three times the other so and the root is 3 Alpha ok under root is alpha now we know that summation of roots summation of roots is equal to minus divide and product of roots product of roots is equal to see why where busy coefficient of x is equal to that of access currency is the constant heat summation of fruits is cos 2 alpha plus 3 Alpha is equal to hear the value of 20 B and a is this is equal to minus b y from here
01:00 - 01:594 Alpha is equal to minus education number one now my second condition is product of roots which is alpha in 23 Alpha which is equals to know from where we get 3 Alpha square is equals to now this is a question number to know from equation which is 45 Cos A minus b by the value of Alpha minus 3 by 4 so let's put the value of Alpha in the questions and so this is equals to 3 into minus 4 root 3 into b square by 16 a square is equal to a no hair the term a&a cancel each other so that evening terms 3 b square by 16 is equal to see from where we get b square
02:00 - 02:59AC is equal to 16 by 3 ok and indication in classical b square is to AC so b square equal to 16 by three this is our answer ok thank you

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