If n is a positive integer such that (1+x)^n=^nC_0+^nC_1+^nC_2x^2+…….+^nC_nx^n, for epsilonR. Also .^nC_r=C_r On the basis of the above information answer the following questions The value of the series sum_(r=1)^n r^2.C_r= (A) 1 (B) (-1)^(n/2).(n!)/(n/(2!))^2 (C) (n-1).^(2n)C_n+2(2n) (D) n(n+1)2^(n-2)



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Updated On: 26-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Hello today we have a question that question is if n is a positive integers such that 1 + 1 whole power n is equal to nc0 plus and oneplus and c 2 X square + 1 or 2 n c h a given that NCR is equal to see our anger best of information we have to find the value of the series summation of N are equal to 1 to N R square c r is equal to latest how to find this value what is that we have summation of or equal to 1 to N R square into CR now can we write this expansion yes what is this can be written as the equality we have our equal to 1 it is one square 1 + tan square A and B can we write it as in SCR is NCR Resort know that many cities are square into NCR for this is nothing but nc2 and then we can write a test to power to nc2
01:00 - 01:59Play Store on we get it as n square in C and this is our expression now let us take 11 Binomial expansion which is oneplus 6 all power and how do we extend and it is Mary Martin C 0 + 1 into X + 2 X square + 2 on 1 to N CNX power and this is our Binomial expansion of this what do we get into derivative with respect to any we get any into 1 + X whole to the power n minus 1 is equal to this is constant a 20 + what is it is NC 1 + 2 into 2 X + 3 into 3 into x power x square + what is the n Si M + n in 2ncn into x power n -1 derivative of X derivative
02:00 - 02:59if we multiply with x on both sides does a value changed no that means what do we get we get any Into X into 1 + X whole power n minus 1 is equal to in C 1 into X + 2 into 2 into X square + show on upto n in 2ncn into this is a term when we multiply it with letter C what do we get this is our time and this expression now let us take this as this implies anything to oneplus 6 whole power n minus 1 + 2 X in 2 and minus 1 into 1 + 1 whole power n minus 2 is equal to 1 into mc1 if you take double derivative hear what we can we get to power to into in C 2 X + so on
03:00 - 03:59plus what is a last time in square into an interest power n -1 this is a state X equal to what what do we get equitics equal to 1.1 in the term today in into 2 power n minus 1 + 1 into 1 minus 1 into 10 to power and -2 this is equal to 1 into what is it as we don't have so this is one into in C 1 + 2 into 2 square and C to play store on upto n square in C and this is our that implies what do we get any into 2 power n -1 class any 2 and minus 1 into 10 power minus 2 is equal to what is the summation we get a citizen in 2 and -1 if you take everything common hear this is true power n minus 1 into 1 plus and minus 1 by 2
04:00 - 04:59Pizza summation of the term we get this is our expression now what do we have here this is an expression that implies this is equal to N into 1 + 1 into two power in this tournament will company stupid and -2 this is N into 2 power n -1 + n into n minus 1 into two power and -2 this is our business is our expression for what is the answer here here what did we get our answer to be this is NCR which is equal to 1 + 2 end to end HP and therefore we get option De to be our answer yes option d is our answer thank you

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