If m is the mid-point and l is the upper limit of a class in a continuous frequency distribution, then lower class limit of the class is


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the given question says that if m is the midpoint l is the upper limit of a class in a continuous frequency distribution is a continuous frequency distribution and Eliza upper limit of the class then lower limit of the class is we asked the lower limit of the class 9 we know that the formula formula for mid point is upper class limit upper class limit + lower class limit / to the formula for midpoint of a class now options that we are given is option once is it to impress elephant uses the tour -36 that mis elephant forces that I mein
so we are given the midpoint that is a given the upper limit that is well but we are not give the lower class limit and this is what we are supposed to find out lower class limit of the class so that we are going to do his real going to assume let lower class limit the x now put in the values in this formula will get mid point is m m is equal to upper class limit is l l is upper class limit l + lower class limit we have assumed to be x divided by 2 on solving it will get to m is equal to X + X which also means that X is equals to I will go to the other side of the equation and will have to be a - now this is our visa answer for the lower class limit of the class X is equals to minus let's go to
option optional subject to impress an option to see that to a minus and that makes this is the correct option option 36 that I am not correct option forces that I managed well also not correct that thank you

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