If log_(y) x + log_(x) y = 2, x^(2)+y = 12 , then the value of xy is



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Updated On: 24-5-2021

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Answer :
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Let ` t=log_(y) x(x, y gt 0, and ne 1)," then " t+1/t = 2 or (t-1)^(2) = 0` <br> ` :. T = log_(y) x = 1 , i.e., x = y `.We get <br> ` x^(2) + x - 12 = 0 x = -4, 3`. <br> x = 3 only (-4 rejected) <br> ` :. Y = 3`, <br> ` :. X = 9`



00:00 - 00:59hello student in this question we are give and if log x base Y + log Y basic is equal to 2 and X square + Y is equal to 12 then we have to find the value of x and y right so before solve this question we need to know some basic rule related to this question write let's suppose you have log x base why then it can be written as one upon love log why base X This Is The Identity in the log you can remember it right now move to the question this question can be rewrite as log x log x base Y + 1 upon
01:00 - 01:59log x base Y is equal to to write or let log log x base Y HD right then this equation can be writers t + 1 by it will be to write or you can say it is square + 1 by 3 is equal to 2 auraton se t square - 2 X + 1 is equal to zero because this can be written as a square + 1 is equal to 2 and this can be written as this right where you can say this is nothing but t minus 1 whole square it will be zero or you can say t minus one will be zero
02:00 - 02:59aur you can say it will be what one and what is t t is log x base why write this is log x base why will be equal to 1 how are you can say X will be w y to the power 1 why because we know if you have log x oral cancer log n is equal to X then you can write it as n is equal to b to the power x this is the role right means you can say X will be equal to Y we got the one relation let's say this is equation 1 now second equation we have what this X square + Y is equal to 12 right x square
03:00 - 03:59+ Y is equal to 12 this will be x square in place of why we can write x is equal to 12 ok aur this can be written as X square + X - 12 is equal to 0 right or you can say this can be written as X square + 4 x minus 3 x minus 12 is equal to zero right or you can say at will be common X + 4 - 3 will be common X + 40 now you can take women x + 48 x + 4 will be common then this will be x minus 3 is equal to zero or you can say you will get x is equal to minus 4 or x is equal to 3 but x is equal to
04:00 - 04:59- for can't be because if you will put x is equal to minus 4 in this equation then log will not B define because in this equation you can say X and Y will be positive and base should not be equal to one and you can say xy cannot be equal to one in this relation right that's why we can say x is equal to minus 4 can't be answered only answer will be accessible to 3 if x is equal to 3 then we will be what why will be also three because x and y are equal so I can say from here we will be also 3 and we have to find the what where to find X in Dubai richest 3 into 3 will be 9 our final answer will be what 9 write this is what we have to find x
05:00 - 05:59why thank you

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