If `(log)_a x=b` for permissible values of `aa n dx ,` then identify the statement(s) which can be correct. If `aa n db` are two irrational numbers, then `x` can be rational. If `a` is rational and `b` is irrational, then `x` can be rational. If `a` is irrational and `b` is rational, then `x` can be rational. If `aa n d b` are rational, then `x` can be rational.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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If a and b are two irrational numbers, then x can be retional.If a is rational and b is irrational, then x can be rational.If a is irrational and b is rational, then x can be rational.If a and b are rational, then x can be rational.

Answer :
Solution :
` log_(a) x = b or x = a^(b)` <br> (1) For `a=sqrt2^(sqrt2)!inQ and b = sqrt2 !in Q, x = (sqrt2^(sqrt2))^(sqrt2)` which is rational.<br> (2) For ` a = 2 in Q abd b = log_(2) 3 !in Q , x = 3` which is rational. <br> (3) For ` a = sqrt2 and b = 2 , x = 2` <br> (4) The option is aboviously correct.


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rational then X can be placed process if a is irrational Suresh take a s photo which is irrational number and BS rational number square equals to 2 Kuchh Bhi nonstop you mean station number therefore Texas show the photo of run it says if A and B are rational and irrational switch of this correct because with write all the possible cases list 1 helicopter to Vegas 23

both of them Krishna number socks become little Barbie today lottery result show Krishna number 4 exercise for all of options there for all for options cut

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