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If Lim_(x to -a) (x^(9)+a^(9))...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `=1`

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hello I hope you are fine letter start with a question in question we have been to limit at 2 a.m. to 9 + a is 29 upon X + 8 easy solution part and cost will write this is placed upon X + a and b is equal to b can do it in two forms letters for substitute the value sorry that is a vast difference between -1 and -2 first of all we will substitute is value in place of exile right minus minus a whole Race 2 night plus a whole race 29 upon 1 minus A + A minus of a + 1 divided by minus A + a so this is of the form 2020

value that is of 200 or if it is infinite by a l hospital rule write the answer will be easily come to that limit but a in but before applying limit I will like to tell you that as the limit Power Limited 2 - of a so we can write this following equation in this form also that is Express 29 Mai this is divided by x minus of -8 form will remain the same the portion thereof but as the limit is sending 2 - Just rule says that you I will write your using l hospital rule it says that it is 0.0 if it is infinite right I will do that

it is actually 29 if it is like a 32 and then I 5 differentiate into Express 2 and minus 25 differentiating this with respect to an ok so here it is 28 29 so it will be 9 into X rays 29 - 1 that is mind your differentiating this a and is constantly it is 0 A pond at present in the same way radius is 14 this is like this Into X raise to 8 is equal to 999 will get cancel out which means that we will get the value of x raise to 8 or I can write your it has a race to it also I can write if I am writing your why because I am here are our limit is not Limited access to minus power limited exchange 2 - 2 - of a whole

raise to 8 is equal to 1 with indirectly means that there is to it is equals to 1 so the value can be either plus one or -1 if you were a + 1 then it will came 1 and if you write -1 as the degrees even so it will also apply to -1 you can do it by another way also likely accent 2 - A we have written this X-rays 29 - of minus A is 2906 divided by x minus of -3 right so there is one formula for that if Alpha is that it is standing to exchange to Alpha and it is of the form X-rays 2 and minus Alpha is to 1 upon x minus 2 x minus Alpha then the value will be this will be equal to an end to end into our and it will be

9292 are - 3 and -1 if that is equals to 99 will get cancer in directing in areas 28328 is equal to 12 the value of 1 and -1

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