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If Lim_(x to 1) (x^(4)-1)/(x-...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `8/3`

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Shri Krishna says that is limit X tends to one extra power 4 minus one by x minus 1 is equal to Limit X tends to ki x cube minus b cube your back then find the value of k so we have to find limit to Pashto for your to find limit X tends to 1 x to the power 4 minus one by X - 1 and now and then you to equator it with limit X tends to case cube minus b cube x square - ok square soap manufacturing course 100 come and we know that when 050 when 050 indeterminate form will happen then we can apply law Patel rule aur l hospital rule so we can

directors and the alahostels is that the differentiation of numerator and denominator so alosta rules is that limit X tends to a affected by gf and when this fill form 8050 infinity by infinity form then we can tell that is limit X tends to a differentiation of x now differentiation of denominator and and then we put x is equal to reply lottery rules that limit X tends to 1 and now he can differentiation of D by DX of x power 4 - 1 / differentiation of d b t s of X-men 7 and differentiation of x power n is equal and into Excel for and minus 12 differentiation of x power 4 cm is that limit X tends to one out differentiation of x to the power 4

will be at least 4 into 4 cube and depression of 1930 / differential differentiation of actually one and it one differentiation of Anil b02 heavy carried it is that limit x x 14 x 54 and weight it limit X tends to came to Limit X tends to keep x cube minus b cube divided by actimize ki square and its limit will be is equal to 4 and now where to find the value of key to the simplified area limit X tends to ke acumen Sabke cube divided by x square minus A square and now can you text is equal to case this is 0.0 from again and now in April of Atal rule so here we can Ride It has a limited extent to ke differentiation of DY by DX of Limited that is a

cube minus b cube / differentiation of x square minus A square is the value that is equals to Limit X tends to ke 3 x square and have a different route to will be zero divided by differentiation of x to X and differentiation of Easter b02 we can detect that is from here we can tell that one should cancel out to the remaining will be limit extended to ke stand to keep X by 2 x is equal to K so that is equal to 3 by 2 and now he can recreate it is equal to four because the limit X tends to keep humans take to get experiment case that is 3K by to simplify it so its value thik by 2 is equal to 42 the value of k is equal to that is 8 by 3

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