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Limits And Derivatives


If lim_(x to 1) (x^(3) - 1)/(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : Firstly, we have `underset(x to 1)(lim) (x^(3) - 1)/(x - 1) = underset(x to 1)(lim) ((x)^(3) - (1)^(3))/(x - 1) = 3 (1)^(2) = 3` <br> Similarly, `underset(x to k)(lim) (x^(4) - k^(4))/(x^(3) - k^(3)) = underset(x to k)(lim) ((x^(4) - k^(4))/(x - k))/((x^(3) - k^(3))/(x - k)) = underset(x to k)(lim) (x^(4) - k^(4))/(x - k) // underset(x to k)(lim) (x^(3) - k^(3))/(x - k) = 4(k)^(3) // 3(k)^(2) = (4)/(3) k` <br> Now, `underset(x to 1)(lim) (x^(3) -1)/(x - 1) = underset(x to k)(lim) (x^(4) - k^(4))/(x^(3) - k^(3)) implies 3 = (4)/(3) K implies k = (9)/(4)`


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hello hay we have a question if limit extending to a power 3 minus one by x minus 1 is equal to Limit extending to ke - 4 x cube minus b cube then you have to find the value of ok so I will to solve using the formula we already know that that limit extending to a x raise to the power n minus power and over x minus y equal to N a power n -1 M solving left inside for so my left hand side is limit extending 21 X raise to power 3 minus one as one cube x minus 1 ok I can say that

this formula I can say any three here is one year entry -13 ok now I need to solve it will limit extending to ke minus x cube minus b cube solving trick to multiply and divide Limited 4 - 4 x cube minus b cube now I am going to write x minus x minus ke OK it is the same as before

because I multiply came at -10 and divided by x minus 3 so there is no so I am going to solve it will look like limit Axis power 4 minus power 4 x minus 2 x cube minus 2 x minus 3 x minus ke in the denominator of x cube minus b cube Narsi we know that if we have a limited if we have limit extending to something like a and then we can distribute this limit to my numerator and denominator separately so it will look like this

some using our get limit extending to ke 4 minus x minus k2k x cube minus b cube ok to use my formula which I told you before so it will become a nice HK list for men 13 ke 3 - 1 get 4 ke question set as question set as you can see my left inside is equal to write inside and outside is 3 so I'm putting it in front of

left side so we have right hand side which is forever 3K inside which is 32 I can say that mike is equal from here


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