If k>0, |z|=|w|=k, and alpha=(z-bar w)/(k^2+zbar(w)), then Re(alpha) (A) 0 (B) k/2 (C) k (D) None of these



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Updated On: 30-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59students in question paper given that changed greater than zero Mod Z is equal to w w = 2 ke and Alpha is equal to that MI for w pi ke Star Plus that's what is real number of Alpha real value of Alpha is a b c or D so we have to find out OK it is equal to what is equals to the value of Z = 2 X + Y = 2 x minus Y and Z + Z = 2 X + 8 Y + Z is x minus one so I M bi and minus b have to accept that was modified to X and X is equals to 1 by 2 into that + Z
01:00 - 01:59ok and product of their Din to z y is equals to X + iota b into x minus b is equal to x square minus x + x square minus iota square y square so we have cancel out each other so we have excellent minus iota square y square so it is equals to X square + Y square it is more ok show me more Z square is equal prove that a 2 Z bar ok and more that is equals to MOD Pulsar 220 Kate is given in the question so red square is equals to case ok that was where is equal
02:00 - 02:59sukhe square the first w w w i will be kept square ok because that w w and case equal to the square of will also find the real value of Alpha real value of alphabets half into alpha + Alpha bar that is equals to that my was developed by K square + Z w Bagh show debut bar is equal to 12 of whole term Z - w Bar by K square + Z w so it is equals to Navin Navin separate the modes that - 2 Y is actually conjugate ok bye
03:00 - 03:59mood off bar of a square + Z it also z9w olba by 12 K square + Z Omega and its whole but now alphabet is equals to Z - 10 by K square + Z into debut so real values of Alpha is equal to 1 by 2 into z9w bar by a square + Z w Baat ok that is equals to real values plus minus 7 by K square + Z w will be one by two now we
04:00 - 04:59will take it and C M K K square + Z win2k square + z for zebra the numerator Z my step into K square + Z w + Z bar into w into square + Z X half in to z k square + Z into that bar debut minus A square minus z w w + Z square + Z in to Z bar dablu dablu kids - Z tablet for this whole divided by K square + Z cube into K square
05:00 - 05:59+ Z Z Z Square and here is the difference between orbit and cloud Navya half into that K square + c square w - dablue bar a square minus A square + b square + b square minus A square minus b square is that this whole term will be / / ki square + Z win2k square + dablu send ok so that K square and Kiska that will be cancelled Krishna w w ke several potential of his debut and yesterday vacancy
06:00 - 06:592019-20 by disturb K square into a square + w z we have half in 2010 ok results

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