If int_a^b(f(x)-3x)dx=a^2-b^2 then the value of f(pi/6) is ___



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Updated On: 19-4-2021

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Solution :
`int_(a)^(b)(f(x)-3x)dx=a^(2)-b^(2)` <br> `impliesint_(a)^(b)f(x)dx-3/2[x^(2)]_(a)^(b)=a^(2)-b^(2)` <br> `impliesint_(a)^(b)f(x)dx-3/2[b^(2)-a^(2)]=a^(2)-b^(2)` <br> `int_(a)^(b)f(x)dx=(b^(2))/2-(a^(2))/2` <br> `impliesf(x)=x` <br> `=f((pi)/6)=(pi)/6`



00:00 - 00:59hello this is given question and this question it is given that if decoration limit a to b f x minus 3 x dx is equal to a square minus b square then the value of F 5 by 6 is so function is given to us and we have to integrated and using this will find the value of F 5 by 6 ok superstar will write the given equation Tamil diet to solve it ok so this is the given equation which is used to assign the question now what will do will just open this bracket and try to explain this equation so let's expand this on expanding this work will get here limit abe now effects DX OK - 3 x dx with integration ok simple we are just open the bracket and it is equals to a square minus b square now but
01:00 - 01:59will just integrate the this part ok because we can integrated easily now let's get this part on integrating this part will get leave this path for religious right this part similarly affected and indicating this will get free here square and by to ok simple vs integrated X this is be and it I've read a square minus b square ok now what will do will just keep this part 2 Rs because here will have a and b com ok now a to b f x dx is equal to a square minus b square thread 3 + 3 by 2 + 3 by 2 of upper limit
02:00 - 02:59mens lower limit easy and now you can see here we have a b ab ok so all of these are in terms of Ab so we'll just simply simplify this RHS and then try to find what will get here ok a to b f x dx it Bf x dx and on simplifying they all get here B square minus A square to this is the parts have script that calculation ok now here if you look closely monitor this close I like this here integration ba2b ok bye have integration here done RHS we don't have any indication sign so we have to we have to for this part what we have to do we just have to put a integration part with same limits
03:00 - 03:59and why we have to do so because if will have integration part here and RHS with same limits then we can compare values ok and if we can compare values that we can get the value for every then only we can get the value for FX so let me show you if file write integration here in Rs ok with same limits so what should be my function here so that I could get this value the value I have circuit this value could I get this ok if I'll put xdx share so ok I just checking hear this is of what ok I am just checking condition to what will be here at will be x square by two will limit it to be ok and what I'll get a b square minus A square by 2
04:00 - 04:59ok so I conclude that if I used X here I got B square minus A square by to so what I want to say I can clearly use this circled function place of this so I'll use this why uses are told you because here then only we can find the value of x with same limits and integration this integration with same limit x dx ok now but I told you look here we have same limits and integration ok on both side we have DX company ok now we can compare it that was our Moto ok so on comparing on comparing what I got I got f x is equals to
05:00 - 05:59X and what was asked to a syndication where to find the value of F 5 by 6 so value of f fibre 6 value of a fibre 6 will be equal to just put 56 in place of it will be the answer answer is bye-bye 6 thank you

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