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Class 12






Definite Integrals


If int_(0)^(x) f(t)dt=x^(2)+2x...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Periodic Periodic but fundamental does not exist Periodic but fundamental period exits Nothing can be said

Answer : A::B

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hello students today's question is if integral of root 2 x 15 it is equal to X square + 2 x minus Sin titulo 0254 of TBT experience 2020 fix is India given these options so let's begin with the solutions we have to tell whether this thing this effect is periodic fundamental doesn't exist or exist or not intend it said it started a given here integral 02844 80dd equal to X square + 2 x minus integral 0283 into ft Surfers differentiate body site will be removed and you will be having a text and was built in is it so we get here f4x ok right this should

be equal to its differentiate will be a square is 28 then + 2 and -1 and disability also differentiated and we will have your text here we will have f of X + X into f x is equal to take her to commons 2 into X + 1 if I take from here a46 common to have you are having a face into 1 + X equal to 2 into X + 1 see this oneplus 6 and oneplus 6 for cancel effects will be equal to to write what is this this means that a perfect is equal to 2 this means that affect the constant function ok Udaipur we can say that if x is a constant constant function ok ancient function so we know that

a constant function is always periodic but its period is never Defined by it so it is check the options for stop station focuses periodic test 62 as it is a constant function S chemistry periodic but the fundamental is known as such that a is not defined right so option number 2 is also says that fits your jhatpat fundamental exist so this is obviously it off as fundamental does not exist in the force one says that nothing can be said this is also an option number 280 correct answer thank you

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