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Class 12






Binomial Theorem - For Competition


If in the expansion of (1+x)^n...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone said that if in the expansion of oneplus s power and the coefficient of 14 15 and 16 terms are in AP then n is equal to 4 days we know that a term is in the suspension is letitbit PR plus one and it is equal to NCR power are now for 14 this is 14 NCERT 13.1 Kamlesh and a 13 cm and 15 cm and 14 14 and this become 16

15 and this is s15 now the said that this 14 15 16 term are in this copy centre in AP so let it is equal to this means 13 and be equal to MC 14 and C is equal to 15 now we know that in AP if a b c are in AP then we know this condition that to be equal to 3 + c now be applied this condition then what we got we got to 20 MP4 14 and disses 13 + nc15

expand it then this will come to X factorial and and it is divided by 14 10 factorial and minus 14 and discomfort tutorial and divided by 18 and petroleum and -13 and this become fat tauriel and dove story of 15 and petrol and -15 now can see that is the federal Anthem will cancel out and now we can also write it is this too and that we can write factorial 14 years 14 X Factor 13 and and - 14

petrol and mother 14 can be written as fat and minus 3 X and -15 factory and this week of factorial banvaya factorial 13 and was can be written as petrol and -13 and minus 3 and X and minus 15 factorial and this term can be written as country for disturb this is 15 so this is written as 15 into 14 into factorial 13 and this is factorial and -15 now consider what can you cancel out so it can see that this material 13 can you cancel out and this tutorial and -15 can we cancel out

and then 17 after this cancellation what we called B chord 1 divided by 7 and n minus 14 and this will be equal to 1 and 1 is 13 x 9 - 14 and 15 15 into 14 now can see that if we take protein from there then and 21 vi n -14 common than what we got vgod 17 - 11 - 13 and this will be equal to the power 1 by 3 into

14 now we take LCM then this is the first disease when why and minus 14 and disturb becomes the teeth and their this is an -13 LCM 7 so this is and minus 13 - 7 and it is equal to 1 by 15 x 14 now you can see that this location lord by 7 so this is to come 113 now considered we got this will come and -20 and individual this is and minus 3 x minus 13 and this will equal to 1 by 30 and we can now for the solvent and politics we can also write it as 30

-100 multiply this site at this form and minus 3 and minus 13 and Sudesh Vikram - 27 + 14 into 13 and now consider what we called we got this this can be written as an Acer 13 decide and thus become -57 and and 60 there then this is 1500 plus this is 18 and it is equal to zero then you can see that this answer -57 and and this will come 782

equal to zero now now can see that we can write it as answer -23 and - 34 and + 782 and it is equal to zero and an - 23 - 34 and this will come and minus 23 and it is equal to zero come and minus 23 and this Vikram and -34 equal to zero then you can see that we got to value of an equal to 23 and an equal to 34 this is our answer now BC in our office and then you see that power off is the end it

was thank you

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