If in Delta ABC, c(a+b) cos ""B/2=b (a+c) cos ""C/2, the triangle is



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Updated On: 9-5-2021

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isosceles equilateral right angled but not isosceles right angled and isosceles

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59question is is in triangle abc C into a + b cos B by 2 equal to be a + cos B to the triangle is isosceles equilateral right but not so therefore the web to group which one is correct ok so what was given a given that sin 2A + b equal to b into a + b into the triangle if you send more than you know a by sin a equal to device and accounts to write from here you can simply diet that equals to 2
01:00 - 01:59ok all these values should we can write a is equals to 2 sin a is equal to 12 science question will find their from here we can write will keep the sea and be sent to you can I eat in place of a two hour Sin A + B by 2 equal to bm22
02:00 - 02:59if we take to our common than this value this value is cancelled from us a into sin Cos pi by 2 equal to from here will be a into Sin A + sin a into cos now write the formula of Sin A + sin b so the formulas C into Sin A + sin b can be written as sin a + b y 2.am minus B by 2 into cos MI Y2 = to be into similarly Sin A + sin C Sin A + B by 2 into a minus
03:00 - 03:59b into A + B by 2 triangle we can write look into it and write that this thing we can write we can write if a + b + C is equal to 5 we can write a + b = 2 x minus C if you divide by 2 x 2 - email to CEO in applied here and it's find for scene to so Sin A + B by 2 cos theta sin theta minus 2 into Cos A minus 2 into Cos pi by 2 is equal to b into Sin A + 1 by 2 can be written by 2 - Vivek to into minus
04:00 - 04:593 by 2 into cos to sin 90 minus theta minus cos theta into Cos pi by 2 into this will keep them was a minus b by 2 into cos B Mahto which is equals to avoid being too is a look and Cos theta into Cos A minus 3 by 2 into call to go from here cost to cost to cost to convert liver cancer or we can find that sin to Cos pi by 2 equal to know not to mis u
05:00 - 05:59will be only PNB values are equal and be from here we can write that is equals to b and Angle B equal to angle C only then the equation will be satisfied which is easily become SBI then it will be into Cos A minus is this week we keep you can keep it and it will be Cos A minus 3 by 2 equal to this will be so it will be a cos a minus b square minus b is equal to b and Angle B equal Triangles if so this is the property of a i sources of an iso sense case1

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