If in an A.P., the pth term is q and (p+q)th term is zero then the qth term is
a.p b. p c. p+q d. pq


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student if in an ap mean its operation the pth term is Q and their term is zero then the term is which one is correct answer will have to turn this into question the chat I have is a plus b minus 1 is equal to Q this is our first equation P + Q - 1 the equal to zero means we have a square minus 20 + q t is equal to zero which we we have Q test cutie is equal to zero that is T is equals to
is equal to minus Q is not equal to zero went to the cuvette 600 which term is equals to a + Q - 13 which is a minus Q plus one right from 1812 and Y is equal to q and minus Q + 1 is equal to P with careful where you at term will be equal to P right to correct answer is D year 2
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