Updated on:26/04/2023

If in a triangleABC, 2cosAa+cosBb+2cosCc=abc+bca , then prove that the triangle is right angled.



question paper of triangle ABC a + b + BC + b square is equal to BC it is a b and c right angle triangle 2 cos A
bike speak it cos theta is equal to 3 + 3 Y it is given copy by a and take to come together and take to get costly bike Plus call boy it Plus contrite LCM of 30
ok cancel of etiquette cost Plus cosmic byte is equal to 1 + 3 love this is in the form of projection formula and what is projection formula is equal to b projection formula at the place of 1 + 3 light year
is equal to plus disturb right inside costly Gai Thi is equal to plus minus from where we get that 1 - 3 Y - 2 - 3
answers of a square minus b square formula formula E is equal to is -3.5 place of constitution bikes we can write a square minus square disconnect cancel love stencil of a
square + b square equal to who is coronavirus licence type and cricket a square minus b square minus A square minus b square + c square Austin A40 p square minus b square equal to zero for a square equal to according to culture
right angle triangle then square is equal to square + b square b square is equal to 20 square and its distance angle 90 degree is equal to b square + c square that angle is 99 right angle triangle thank you


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