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Properties And Solutions Of Triangle


If in a triangle, (1-(r_(1))/(...

If in a triangle, `(1-(r_(1))/(r_(2))) (1 - (r_(1))/(r_(3))) = 2`, then the triangle is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

right angledisoscelesequilateralnone of these

Answer : A
Solution : We have `(1-(s-b)/(s-a)) (1-(s-c)/(s-a)) = 2` <br> or `2(b-a) (c-a) = 4 (s-a)^(2)` <br> or or `2(bc-ac -ab +a^(2)) = (2s-2a)^(2)` <br> or `a(bc-ac-ab+a^(2)) = (b+c -a)^(2)` <br> or `a^(2) = b^(2) + c^(2)` <br> Hence, triangle is right angled


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this question is given that if in a triangle one minus 1 by 2 into 1 minus 1 by 3 is equal to 2 then the triangle is right angled isosceles equilateral none of these Studies question by writing the equation is given to us as we know that I 1 is equal to Delta by x minus 2 is equal to Tata by x minus 3 is equal to Delta by x minus C say that is equation was one minus 1 by 2 into 1 minus 1 by 3 equal to to say that one minus x minus b minus minus A into 1 minus b minus C / S -

photo to Ya Khuda value of 1813 this equation for the separation say that s -16 father will get device OBC - 80 - AB + a square is equal to 4 x minus b ka whole square soybean hooded coat XS s m Tu h - 2 y ka whole square is equal to twice OBC minus minus A + a square is for the weak say that you are so busy minus a minus b + c square is equal to AC Inverter AC is equal to a + b + c b 2

Patang value office in this situation will get a + b + c minus two way which give us b + c minus b ka whole square solving this to BC -2 AC -2 a b + 2 square and understandable that b square + b square + c square + 2 B C - 2 AC -2 AP 3000 cancel out each other at a square is equal to b square + c square should therefore be considered a triangle is right angled this kapde Shobha right angle triangle option one is right which is right angled