If in a progression `a_1, a_2, a_3,.......... e tc dot,(a_r-a_(r+1))` bears a constant ratio with `a_rxxa_(r+1)` , then the terms of the progression are in a. A.P b. G.P. c. H.P. d. none of these

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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the question is if in a progression A1 A2 A3 x minus y + 1 bears are constant ratio with AR into a r + 1 then the terms of progression are in in question it is given that a minus A + 1 ratio a r into a r + 1 is equal to constant let's force constant K we can also write it as One Upon A R plus one minus one upon a r is equal to constant home here it is clearly visible that the difference between consecutive terms is equal to constant so we can say one upon

level 1 upon 2 1 upon 3 X are in AP and we know that if one upon a 1 1 upon 1 to 1 upon 3 are in AP then A1 A2 A3 Ab To extra are in HP so option C is the right answer

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