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Class 12






Different Products Of Vectors And Their Geometrical Applications


If hati xx[(veca-hatj)xxhati]+...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : `hatixx[(veca-vecj)xxhati]=(hati.hati)(veca-vecj)-(hati.(veca-hatj))hati` <br> `= veca-hatj-(hati.veca)hati` <br> similarly, `hatjxx[(veca-hatk)xxvecj]=veca-veck+(vecj.veca)hatj` <br> `hatkxx[(veca-hati)xxhatk]=veca-hati-(hatk.veca)hatj` <br> `hatixx[(veca-hatj)xxhati]xx[(veca-veck)xxhatj]+hatkxx[(veca-hati)xxhatk]` <br> `=veca-hatj-(hati.veca)hati+veca-hatk+(hatj.veca)hatj+veca-hati-(hatk.veca)hatk=0` <br> `3veca-(hati+hatj+hatk)-veca=0` <br> `veca=1/2(hati+hatj+hatk)`

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in this question if expression is given as 0 then we need to find the vector a vector be denoted by a 1 ICAP + 2 J cap + 3 k cap cross it would be equal to you know this is a scalar triple product of vectors so I don't die mis director minus a minus b now I don't I is always one only Leopard a vector minus b k and here

and here will get advertise minus I dot so we get the expression as that I would be if we multiply this complete vector ICAP birauli left with even even I don't g02 the final expression final value of this expression is a vector minus J cap - A1 this is not the equation first similarly we can find their expressions also GK up into a vector minus ki cap cross J cap would be equal to a vector minus ICAP - 2 J cap 10 by solving and the third expression will

get as K cap cross a vector minus ICAP cross K cap is equal to a vector minus ICAP - 3 k cap this is now adding first second and third equation what we get in get in the elections the same expression but which we need to find n in the RSS will get this + 10 + 20 rs we get a 3A minus ICAP + 2 J cap + K cap - 2 J cap + 3 k cap this is nothing but just a bit even ICAP hi to Jacob a c k

cap is a b three vector minus y + De + K - event Jaswant to a vector minus ICAP + 2 J cap + K cap d10 School expression is a vector is equal to ICAP + 2 J cap + K cap and a vector ICAP + 2 J cap + K cap / this is the final event


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