If g(x)=x^2+x-2 and 1/2gof(x)=2x^2-5x+2, then which is not a possible f(x)? (A)2x-3 (B) -2x+2 (C)x-3 (D) None of these



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Updated On: 26-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59this question my GX is X square + X - 2 and half of sea of X is 2 x square - 5 x + 2 then which of the following is not a possible value of x now half of ji of effects half of gfx is what to x square - 5 x + 2 so I can say that the value of g of effects will be value of g of effects will be what 4 x square - 10 X + 4 now in ajax is what my GF is X square + X - 29 place of GST if I put fxb have f x whole square + X - 2 this is my equation 1 and this is my question to speak with both of these equations what we have we have f x whole square + F of x minus 2 equal to 4 x square - 10 x
01:00 - 01:59for the value is f of X whole square effects whole square + X - 2 and if I take all this value on this side we have - 4 x square + 10 x minus 4 now if I write it again on the next time we have a whole square + 4 x + 10 x minus 4 x square - 6 = 20 now this is a quadratic function in X so how to find the value of x by using shridharacharya method the effect can be counted as aur can be calculated as - 1 plus minus b square that is 1 - 4ac That is 410 x minus 4 x square - 6 into 1 divided by 28 now the value will be the value of x is
02:00 - 02:59minus one plus minus under root 1 minus 40 X + 15 X square + 24 / to so effects will be calculated as - 1 plus minus under root we have 16 x square and we have - 40 X and + 25 if you see carefully then this is nothing but the formula of but the formula of 4 x minus 5 whole square and divided by root so we have effects as - 1 + - 4 x minus 5 to 9 from I have two function of effects from here we have two function of x first is for positive value effect will be - 1 + 4 x minus 5 by 2
03:00 - 03:59se defects will be 4 x minus 6 by to so we have effects as 2 x minus 3 and for the other evaluate the effects will be - 1 - 4 x + 5 / to have a perfect size for minus 4 x divided by 2 to the value of x will be 2 - 2 X are you can say - 2 X + 2 to the well we have two values of right now let's see what is the power question the question is saying which is not possible value of x to the first option is to x minus 3 which is our answer 2 x minus 3 is the possible value right second option is minus 2 X + 2 it is again our answer to this is also possible - 2 X + to write - 2 X + 2 this is also possible now for third x minus 3 is this is not possible to my answer here is option C thank you

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