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If graph of y=f(x) is symmetri...

If graph of y=f(x) is symmetrical about the y-axis and that of y=g(x) is symmetrical about the origin and if h(x)=f(x)dotg(x),t h e n(d^3h(x))/(dx^3)a tx=0 is cannot be determined (b) f(0)dotg(0) 0 (d) none of these



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Updated On: 27-4-2021

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cannot be determined`f(0)cdotg(0)`0none of these

Solution :
y=f(x) is an even function and y=g(x) is an odd function. <br> `"or "h(x)=f(x) g(x)` is an odd function. <br> `"or "h(x)=-h(-x)` <br> `therefore" "h''(x)=-h''(-x)` <br> `"or "h''(x)=-h''(-x)` <br> `"or "h'''(x)=h'''(-x)` <br> Now, we cannot determine the value of h'''(0).



00:00 - 00:59today question it if graph of my question is symmetrical about the y axis and Y = 2 G of X is symmetrical about the Origins and if it is equal to f of X in 2G of X then 38 by dx3 at x = 20 is given as cannot be determined aur 40.000 all of this so we have to check for the option that start with the solution it is given that why you effects of symmetrical objects is important questions of effect is an awesome it is symmetrical about the white and also it is given that y = 2 G of a symmetrical about the Origins of this means that white question
01:00 - 01:59this means that affect their functions with me Sector 4 minus minus effects and jio packs available for sequences of minus x is equals to Z of it is also given that it is equal to effects into gfx tool inside each of its is given that affect into jio check 14 age of the salary of a minus b into x minus 5 is equal to 1 minus is equal to minus minus of effect into minus is equal to P of x is equal to now this is it ok
02:00 - 02:59project about it is equal to 10 of each of magnetic differentiate which is the htx equal to minus or which dash of minus into minus 1 is equals to minus minus b + which is equals to 8-10 S differentiation will be at the builders of mine effects into minus 1 is equal to minus x minus 30 current situation will be triple x x is equals to minus 8 triple x minus b into
03:00 - 03:59Agneepath HD 3D last now to find the 8888 triple x at x = 20 we have to find so the founders age people dash is equal to dash of 500 only suggest that is cannot be determined so find the value of h20 ok so option a project cannot be determined as our correct option

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