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Class 12






Relation, Function & Itf


If g is inverse of f(x) = x^3...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello students this question is if g is the inverse of f of x is equal to x cube + X + cos x then find the value of g dash of 1g is given the inverse of the function f of X and the function which is given to us is f x is equal to x cube + X + cause now we know that we can write this like this Olson jio effects that is equal to X right now we're going to differentiate this when we get this wicked ji dash affects the differentiation of f of X is a factor of x is equal to 1 by because differentiation of excess 1 we want to find the value for G Rash of conducting this is attached and we need help one right so that means that Air Force X should be equal to one that is effects should be equal to

one right now we know that this is always increasing a function because the value for a dash of X what is a dash of IPS officers of X will be 3 X square + 1 - sin x square function is always increases function because C1 - 5 x + value this value will always be greater than equal to zero and the value for this 3 x square will be always positive always positive so that its value will be equal to one can say that at x is equal to zero zero is equal to one right now x is equal to zero if we put her x is equal to zero we get your

ji dash 40 is equal to 1 upon this if dash of zero so from here we can see that ji dash of one by one because I 40 is 14-21 will be equal to 1 upon a stash of 0 which is also equal to 15-20 here we can write one ad is equal to 1 hour answer is ji dash of 1 is equal to 16 required answer thank you

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