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Class 11






Limits And Derivatives


If f(x)=|x^2-5x+6|, then f'(x)...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone that all the question f x is equal to FX this is equal to modulus of x square - 5 x + 6 and we have to find out the derivative of this function to simplify the effects FX is equal to modulus of now Factor The quadratic expression so x square - 2 x minus 3 X + 6 is equal to Note 1 X common x minus 2 root 1 - 341 x minus 2 so this is equal to modulus of x minus 4 x minus 3 find out when the function is positive then it is negative should draw a number line and Prove the

23nd CS3 for using the sign message plus minus plus please is this expression is inactive in this interval 2 and 3 f x is equal to minus sin open the Mod x square - 5 x + 6 and when X is less than two or greater than 3xh learning 2 and X is greater than 3 the function is positive is equal to x square - 5 x + 6 find out the derivative Idli now so in this case

f x is equal to minus open the bracket X square + 5 x minus 6 so after effects would be minus x + 5 and this is possible man X belongs to 232 less than 2 and greater than 3 x minus infinity to Union 32 Infinity when X belongs in the central the function is effects this is equal to x square - 5 x + 6 so FZS X would be equal to 2 x minus 5 so these are the solution of the given question thank you


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