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If f(x)={{:(x","" "xlt0),(1","...

If f(x)={{:(x","" "xlt0),(1","" "x=0),(x^(2)","" "xgt0):}," then find " lim_(xto0) f(x)" if exists.



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Updated On: 19-4-2021

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We have `underset(xto0^(-))limf(x)=underset(xto0)limx=0` <br> and `underset(xto0^(+))limf(x)=underset(xto0)limx^(2)=2` <br> Hence, `underset(xto0)limf(x)` is equal `" to "0.`



00:00 - 00:59help with the question is if FX is equal to x axis less than zero FX equal to 11 access equal to zero and F of X equal to x square x 300 then find limit X approaches 20 exist if exist or not if we have to check at X equal to zero limit exist or not call limit to access at any point the lekin limit should be equal to the right hand limit of a function that me X approaches to Bihar point 020 - is the left hand limit at 0 selection limit at 0 office
01:00 - 01:59should be equal to Limit X approaches 20 + that is the right hand limit at zero or condition satisfied and we can say that limit access ok now we can calculate the election unlimited limit X approaches 209 commission is produced when excess little less than zero value with x x is equal to X so we can protect equal to zero here so limiting value is zero Rider Limited Deewana limit X approaches 20 + Titan Limited 200 + and value of function
02:00 - 02:59Forex greater than zero little little less than zero the value commission is a square b square is equal to also zero on putting value of X equal to zero so this implies that X equal to zero is equal to right hand limit at X equal to limit limit thank you

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