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Class 12






Relations And Functions


If f(x)=sin^2x+sin^2(x+pi/3)+c...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : `f(x)=sin^(2)x+sin^(2)(x+(pi)/(3))+cosxcos(x+(pi)/(3))` <br> `=sin^(2)x+(1)/(4)(sinx+sqrt(3)cosx)^(2)+(1)/(2)cosx(cosx-sqrt(3)sinx)` <br> `=(5)/(4)(sin^(2)x+cos^(2)x)=(5)/(4)` <br> `(gof)x=g[f(x)]=g(5//4)=1`

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f of x = 2 sin square x + sin square x + 5 by 3 + cos x into cos x + 5 by 3 and B of 5.4 is given then how to find jio now we are given f of x = 2 X + let's expand this by the formula of Sin A + B then this will be in 23 which is 1 by 2 + 3 into 3 which is root 3 by 2 + multiply expenses with formula of cos A + B then this will be

into 3 into 3 into the storm so this will be and Square X + after expanding this we get Square X + 3 cos square X upon 4 + root 3 by 2 sin x cos x + this will be 26 no root 3 x minus root 3 upon 2 sin

x cos square x + sin square 45 + 3 upon 4 cos square x + 2 will be at which is one so equals to now we have to calculate jio so jio Jio but we're giving you 5421 so that f of x is equal to 11

is required answer thank you

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