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If f(x)=sgn(x)" and "g(x)=x^(3...

If f(x)=sgn(x)" and "g(x)=x^(3),then prove that lim_(xto0) f(x).g(x) exists though lim_(xto0) f(x) does not exist.



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Updated On: 10-6-2021

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Solution :
`f(x)=sgn(x)={{:(1", "xgt0),(-1", "xlt0),(0", "x=0):}` <br> `:." "underset(xto0^(+))limf(x)=1" and "underset(xto0^(+))limf(x)=-1` <br> Now `f(x)xxg(x)={{:(x^(3)", "xgt0),(-x^(3)", "xlt0),(0", "x=0):}` <br> `:." "underset(xto0^(+))limf(x).g(x)=underset(xto0^(+))limx^(3)=0` <br> and`" "underset(xto0^(-))limf(x).g(x)=underset(xto0^(+))lim(-x^(3))=0` <br> Thus`" "underset(xto0)limf(x).g(x)` exists.



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone that does not exist in the need to prove that if I X 20 to function 70 then why Limited B alone will not exist so let's see what the definition of the signum function so I am given effect equal to and trigger function of X is defined as when my actors positive it is defined as -1 when text is negative and it is defined as zero if X equal to zero now I need to limit for that I will have to find what percent of all 0 + climate ok
01:00 - 01:59if X + that will be greater than zero to my limit will be what one if I take limit X tends to 0 - of effect that means act is less than zero to this definition will apply and this will be -135 reach to Limit can not equal so I can write that it does not exist ok so we have found that this limit does not exist now I told that I X the function f of X in 2G of xef4 fact is this and my GF function is multiply each of these x cube + 2 x cube into 18 at cube for a greater than zero if I X with -1 it will be minus x cube Forex less than zero and any
02:00 - 02:59X 0 will be zero for active equal to zero now I will find the limit for this ok limit X tends to first time finding for 0 + OK it is 0 + that means for greater than zero it will be how much limit X tends to zero x cube and if I could hear the row it will be what 0nly 40 - I am doing it limit X tends to zero in 2010 the definition of the function is minus x cube that limit X tends to zero mile art of x cube if I put zero hair I will get the row you can see Limited 0 + equal to Limited 0 - therefore I can say that my
03:00 - 03:59limit X tends to zero effect in 2G exist and we were told to prove that on the question that this limit will act so that this product of the functions limit will exist

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