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If f(x)=(log)_(x^2)(logx) , th...

If `f(x)=(log)_(x^2)(logx)` , then `f^(prime)(x)` at `x=e` is (a) 0 (b) 1 (c) 1/e (d) 1/2e

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello if x is equal to log log of log x to the base square then find a leg at a given production and to tell which of illiterate Roshani what effect effect is equal to 9 of 9 to the best square foot differentiating it what we do if we need to apply the paste and income and observe that the place is what he so if you apply the paste into them so that is equal to what no log today based upon log off square to the base how can we differentiate this lets you

and this is what for differentiating you can we what we do with respect and you Reshmi - so apply this formula what will happen Dastak gold what this will be square off lock access to the whole square and differentiation of this what is log of log x this is lock x square and differentiation of this this is what differentiation of this is is equal to what one upon X log x mine what app

lock a log of log x to the base into differentiation of log x log of log x is not n then differentiation of log x squared 2x largest flag in the value of activation key this will be what if you put it is in it or something like that and then this in and log of a stop feeling to log to the base 12 into this world and we know that log is but one and one upon X is but

one upon ki minor log of log E value to hidden this log of 1 and we know that log often is 1000 not log of a wood log the whole square and we know that log of equity report value is not one into two it needs to and square root 2 is not 4 love application what want to eat sword fight of silly goat thank you


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