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If f(x)=log((1+x)/(1-x))a n dg...

If `f(x)=log((1+x)/(1-x))a n dg(x)=((3x+x^3)/(1+3x^2))` , then `f(g(x))` is equal to `f(3x)` (b) `{f(x)}^3` (c) `3f(x)` (d) `-f(x)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : `f(g(x)) = f((3x+x^3)/(1+3x^2))`<br> `=log((1+(3x+x^3)/(1+3x^2))/(1-(3x+x^3)/(1+3x^2)))`<br> `=log((1+3x^2+3x+x^3)/(1+3x^2-3x-x^3))`<br> `=log((1+x)^3/(1-x)^3)`<br> `=log((1+x)/(1-x))^3`<br> `=3log((1+x)/(1-x))`<br> `=3f(x)`<br> `:. f(g(x)) = 3f(x)`<br>


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is question Mein Hamen effects on GF de rakha hai to Humse poochha FDA kya hoga to effect kya hai FX pay Rakha log of 1 + 1 upon log of 16 Yadav ka x x + x cube upon 1 + 3 se poochha hai fgx batao paper kaise nikalenge Express x cube + 3 x square FX Kya Hota Hai Log of this quantity scoville why Mange the app of bhai kya hoga yah for why August of oneplus by upon 1 minus one by X + x cube + 1 upon

1 + X + x cube + 3 X square + 3 X + x cube iska kya Kahate Hain To Kya Banega log of Asian Denge 1 + 3 X square + 3 x x q yah kya banega 1 - ya ho jaega 1 + 3 x minus 3 minus x cube to yahan se dekh sakte hain yah kya ban gaya Express 1 ka whole cube aur niche kya banaa

1 - X ka whole cube of 1 + 1 - 6 yahan se Ham directly affect a log of 1 + 1 upon 1 minus 6 yah kya ban gaya iska Holi Kyon ban gaya FX ka Kyon ban gaya yah is quantity ka Kyon Ho Gaya is quantity ka Kyon Ho Gaya to Kyon Kya Ho Gaya yah 170 CA Kyon Ho Gaya Tu yahan se Ham dekh sakte hain yahan se ham log ki property use Karenge log of active Eco to slice of log niche a Jaega aur use org oneplus X upon 1 minus x ho jaega of 1 + 1 upon 1 minus 6 kiya tha yahi to FX Hamara to yah ho jaega 3


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