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If f(x)=int_0^x("cos"(sint)+"...

If f(x)=int_0^x("cos"(sint)+"cos"(cost)dt ,t h e nf(x+pi)i s (a)f(x)+f(pi) (b) f(x)+2(pi) (c)f(x)+f(pi/2) (d) f(x)+2f(pi/2)



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Updated On: 14-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello to date Nohay Research question if x is integration from 0 to x cos 90 + cos cos x + 5 is to find the value of x + y f of X + 5 first of all we have upon X + Y is equal to zero 2 X + 5 cos 90 + cos cos t t t know we can write a integration from 0 to 0 to pi of Cos sin + cos cos t t t
01:00 - 01:59Plus integration from 52 X + 5 cos of 90 + cos of corti deti now is will let you know this this function is simply a form of buy now for this we have let Jiyo Jiyo practice is equals to cos of sin x + cos x and if you find out jio X + 5 is equal to cos sin x + 5 is minus sin x
02:00 - 02:59+ and now cause of X + 5 is minus of and we know that cause of minus cos x is cost of sin act and cost of minus 4 will be checked this is equal to GX so we can see that this function has period of five so now we can write another identity as integration of a integration of a plus and t2 plus entry of f x dx is equal to integration of e to B F X
03:00 - 03:59is it a lot of anti sunao applying this year we get our f of X + 5 is equal to 45 + integration of 2x because here we have 0 + 52 X + 502 x Cos sin + cos of cost dtek60 sunao from this we can write a 4 x + Y is equal to 5 + X because this function is equal to Oppo have now let this
04:00 - 04:59equation number part now if we see lead our app of ji sorry jio pack is cause of sin x + cos cos x so if we let our of X + 5 by 2 is equal to cos of sin pi by 2 is cortex and plus cost of now cost of cos x + 5 by 2 will be sin x minus sin x sunao from this we can write cause of cos x + cos of sin x
05:00 - 05:59Cos cos minus cos x then this is equals to X from this we can say that here is period 582 sunao again we can write upon X + 5 by 2 is equal to integration of 0 to pi by 2 cos of sin + cos of cost DT sorry not this is equal to integration of 0 to pi by 2 GT DT Plus integration of 22 X + 5 by 2 GT deti
06:00 - 06:59sunao Yeh beehive this is equal to our app of 5 by 2 + b is equal to zero x duty duty now this is equal to 2 X + 4 is again a 45822 now we can write f of X + 5 by 2 is equal to 2 AP fibre to sunao from this we can say F of x is equal to 2 x 2 so if we put this and equation first put this value of effect in one
07:00 - 07:59we get app of X + 5 is equal to X square + 2 EP 458 and this is equal to X square + 2 x of a 45 to so from this we can say option A is correct option the correct sorry is correct option A and B are our answer thank you

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