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If f(x)={[e^x+a, xlt0],[x-3, ...

If `f(x)={[e^x+a, xlt0],[x-3, xge0]},` is differentiable at `x=0,` then a equal to<br> (a)`-2` (b) `-3` (c)`-4` (d) No such value exist

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello friends so here is a question it says that if ab is equal to e to the power x + T for exception zero and x minus 3 Forex trading equal to zero is differentiable at X equal to zero then a is equal to be had dysfunction and it is said that it is differentiable at X equal to zero and hence we have to find the value of a chat now in this question since it is given that f of X is differentiable at X equal to zero this implies that it must be continuous at X equal to zero right because if any function is differentiable at any point that it must be continuous at that point right so if this function is continuous at X equal to zero it basically means that initial that that is a left hand limit at X equal to zero should be equal to the erection letter

limit at X equal to zero right limit extending 20 from left hand side it is from the negative side effects should be equal to Limit extending 20 from right hand side it is from positive side effects right now if I write effects for 20 from negative site admin assistant 2012 use which are less than zero it so that means this will be a function IT power x + APK serial X is less than it power x + a limit X tends to zero negative side similarly here we will have a function for which access settings from access any two Hero from positive side it means for from the values which are greater than 0 9 so we will have this function because here access greater than equal to zero right here we will have x minus 3

Dallas ft x equal to zero in this ensures that doesn't become a to the power 0 + K equal to listen becomes 0 - 3 minut the 800 is actually equal to 1 write any number 111 sorry any number to the power 0 is always equal to become one plus 8 = 2 - 3 from here we will be equal to minus 3 minus b is equal to minus 4 rights of equity value of a is -4 and in a question we have to find out the value of x in the given options option CC is -4 thank you

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