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If f(x)={(e^cosx sinx ,, |x| ...

If `f(x)={(e^cosx sinx ,, |x| leq 2),(2 ,, other wise):}`. Then `int_-2^3 f(x)dx=`______

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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question we are given that if x is equal to the power x into sin x for models less than equal to 2 and 2 otherwise then we need to find the value of integral from -23 FX dear so we are given that we need to find the value of minus two to three effects DX this can be written as integral from -222 FX PS Plus integration from 2 to 3 asset value of the FX is equal to cos x into sin x when access from - 23 so here in place of effective in causing him to sign up to the power cosx into sinus and integration is from -222 plus the value of x

is equals to 2 when accessed from two to three so place of effective 22232 now notice one thing that we know integration -82 a assets X = 0 then IFSC code function that is f of minus x = - of Apex let us assume that their effects and check if this is the case for dysfunction or not so we need to find the value of minus 6 this will be equal to it because of minus 6 will be close to it because it's and sign of minus 6 will be equals to minus sin a = 2 - of entry for cos x into sin that is because of of minus x minus of so we can say that this function effect is odd function that the value of this will be equal to

zero so we will write our with integral as equals to zero plus herbal take to outside of the interior to integration from two to three years it will be further equal to two element of the integration is from two to three that is 2 into 3 minus 2 which will be equal to 2 and the power required after their ability to

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