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If f(x)=cos((log)_e x),\ t h e...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello student this question was given as a factor of X is equals to cos of law then what is the value of this expression the first letters right at for 1 into 1 by X equal to cos of log 1 by X into cos of log in one upon why right side dishes are therefore one by X Into X and Y minus half of of that is what is f of x y f of X Y is equal to minus half of f of x y is cost of log x y + F of X upon Y lattice cause of login X upon

why Ok so this is what is a expression later simplify this further we will come out to be as a cause of login x to the power minus 1 into cos of login white the power minus 1 minus half of what is the cause of log x + log cause of log x minus log why this is what it is written letter simplify this further out to be as as it is extra power -1 if there is anything power in law we know the solder log x to the power n and times of this will be cause of law mine - login

cause of minus log right minus half of it is with formula this is cause of a + b + cos of minus which Kaun house comes out to be as twice of cos a cos b formula so this will come out to be asked twice of cost of log x into cos of log on the basis of justice login now letter simplify this further this two and two way cancel and we know that cause of minus theta is equals to cos theta rights we can write it as cause of log x cause of log 1

cos of log x into cos of log Y is equal to zero are right of this option number thank you


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