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If f(x)a n dg(f) are two diffe...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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if FX ngx R2 defensible function and is not equal to zero is also differential rate we will need to prove differentiation of x y z x is equal to X into DY DX of x minus effects into DY DX of Z X Y Z X whole square which is product rule of differentiation of with respect to x is equal to DU by DX

into B plus you as it is DY DX wheel at X equal to p x x y z x will be come into one by p b is equal to DY DX of effects in 21 by P + effects as it is in 21 y p

this result we have to get after using product rule right so this question can also won by P DY DX FX effects into minus 1 by p square into DP by DX because as you know DY DX of 1 by x is equal to my father solve you will get one by P DY DX of f x minus

when b p square effects DP by taking LCM you will have into x minus effects into DP by the whole divided by p square as you know P is equal to ZX now value of attitudes in above equation then you will have ZX in place of p into

DY DX of FX - FX into DY DX of ZX in place of b whole square which is ji X whole square this is our final answer thank you

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