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If f(x)=(4x+3)/(6x-4),\ x\ !=2...

If `f(x)=(4x+3)/(6x-4),\ x\ !=2/3,` show that `fof(x)=x` for all `x!=2/3dot` What is the inverse of `f?`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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B certificate question in which we have equal to 4 x + 3 / to show that 4A ft equal to X and what is the inverse of app that start with the given information we need to do to think for so point we can find the value of of happy calculated value in word of Bihar equal to 1 + 3 / 6.1 calculate the value for kids for is equal to a Pop of 36 - 4 which is equal to four now we have to put 4 x + 3 x minus 4

4 into 4 x + 3 / 6 - 4 + / 3 / 6 x minus 4 plus minus 4 is equal to 3 + 1 divided by 6 6 plus over it is divided by 24 + 86 - 44 opposite which is equal to 1 + 12 + 18 x minus 12 / 2489 Gopi and hair will be cancelled

12 34 x 34 to hand to hand POP of equal to calculate inverse of a inverse of X is we know that it is always equal to by the value of x is 4 x + 4 + 36 - 4 x minus 4 Y - 4 x

minus 6 Y equal to food to take it out comment 4 minus y equal to minus 1 is equal to minus 3 + 4 divided by 4 minus we can cancel the negative find the tip tip my mind which is the inverse of the inverse of of thank you

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