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Continuity And Differentiability


If f(x) = [x], where [*] denot...

If `f(x) = [x]`, where `[*]` denotes greatest integral function. Then, check the continuity on `(1, 2]`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer :  x = 2


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question is box in box office additive a greatest integer function the value of 1.2 Deewan similarly value of 1991 if you have value 2.3 then value of this to this is what is Greater integral function so here in this question effect will be when our is greater than 1 and greater than

one but less than two value then value ki Express 2018 1122 12 integral value is 1 mean above I will be 1 whenever text is between these two number between the value of Y will be like this

tissue like this night exact position of X equal value of Y will be do you can see our function is contained in India to is equals to is contained but it shows but discontinuity