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If f^(x)=-f(x)a n dg(x)=f^(pri...

If f^(x)=-f(x)a n dg(x)=f^(prime)(x)a n d F(x)=(f(x/2))^2+(g(x/2))^2 and given that F(5)=5, then F(10) is 5 (b) 10 (c) 0 (d) 15



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Updated On: 21-4-2021

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Solution :
`F'(x)=[f((x)/(2))f'((x)/(2))+g((x)/(2))g'((x)/(2))]` <br> `"Here, "g(x) =f'(x)` <br> `"and "g'(x)=f'''(x)=-f(x)` <br> `"So, F'(x)=f((x)/(2))g((x)/(2))-f((x)/(2))g((x)/(2))=0` <br> Hence, F(x) is a constant function. <br> Therefore, F(10) =5.



00:00 - 00:59the question says that if the power x is equal to minus x and x is equal to dash of X and effects is f of x square + Z of X by 2 whole square given that if 45 is 552 find the value of f of 10 it is given that ji of x is equal to dash of x if we differentiate hair both size we get ji dash of x is equal to double differentiation of x and dashes given to us as - of x minus of X it is doubled acheter
01:00 - 01:59now f of X is given to us as capital of access f of X by 2 whole square + Z of X by 2 whole square knot differentiating it with respect to X we get f dash of x is equal to 2 X F of x y to with help of chain rule and 2f dash of X by 2 and differentiation of x by 2 + 1 upon 2 + similarly differentiation of this is two times of ji of expired to in 2G dash of X by 2 into 1 upon 2 + 2 will cancel this to end this to be cancel this to so it will become as
02:00 - 02:59f of X by 2 into f dash of X by 2 + G of X by 2 into ji dash of expired to now from hair ji of access f dash of X jio of X by 2 is f dash of expired 2 and also ji dash of access minor defects Suji dash of X by 2 is minus of f f x by 2 minus of f x upon to supporting these two values in this equation we get in the situation we get f of X upon 2
03:00 - 03:59into f dash of hexagon to this ji of X upon 2 is a dash of 12 and this ji dash of X upon 2 is minus x f of X upon to from here we can see that this - I will come here and this - this will be equal to zero so h f dash X has come out 20 from this we can easily say that f of X is a constant function because differentiation of constant function is always zero and F of 5 is given to us as 5 so from this we can clearly see that f of 10 is equal to f of 5 is equal to f of X because it is a constant function is equal to 5 cos it is a constant function
04:00 - 04:59so our value of f of 5f of 10 is 5 thank you

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